Nancy Anderson

Nancy Anderson
"Anderson has a strong pure voice in which the most cunning and irresistible tremolo resides. She's a superb actress, both tragic and comic, who breaks you up one minute and breaks your heart the next…for a singer to do even one definitive rendition of a song is something worth remarking on; for someone to ring the bell five times is close to astonishing."
David Finkle, Backstage – Bistro Bits
"What Sets Anderson apart is her ability to redefine for today the inimitable star power that once drove musicals but is now generally relegated to the backseat. She bears the effortless grace that genuine stars use to coddle and caress audiences, to make each and every person in the house feel she's speaking and singing to them alone."
Matthew Murray, Talkinbroadway
"Lois/Bianca (Nancy Anderson) is a true soubrette-diva, if there is such a thing: a slinky, irresistible kitten, aspiring, with good reason, to the condition of a tigress.
John Peter, The London Times